Quality white work overalls with orange accent

Online shop for workwear and gardening products Garden Shop Pro presents to its customers an exclusive white work jumpsuit at a great price. This work garment is one of the most bought models by masters – painters. Extremely comfortable when working in all positions and places.

The white overalls are made of fabric for work clothes, which are resistant to abrasion, wear, and tear.

This model of workwear is suitable for people performing all kinds of free professions – construction, painting, gardening, landscaping, professional cleaning, carpentry. The overalls are often appreciated when working in the garden and yard, at the villa, in the village, for movers, hygienists, plumbers, electricians, and others.

The advantages of overalls as workwear are many. They are easy to dress and undress, give you freedom of movement in different positions without tightening and killing you.

Despite the white color, these overalls are bought by many car mechanics, loggers, farmers, and others. It is often preferred by companies that want to make promotional workwear for their employees with an embroidered logo or print.

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