Bulb of fragrant white hyacinth Carnegie snowy accent in the garden

Gardenshop.pro presents a bulb of white hyacinth variety Carnegie. The unique white hyacinth is very delicate and beautiful! Its aroma is irresistible and grows to 25 cm, which makes it suitable for creating beautiful snow-white bouquets. It is highly valued when creating single groups or in combination with bulbs of blue hyacinths, tulips, daffodils and others.

The bulbs of the hyacinth Carnegie known as Hyacinth (from the Latin Hyacinthus orientalis) are large. Planting depth should be about 17 – 18 cm.

This is very easy. Grasp the bulb by the top and leave it in the prepared nest with this depth. Then cover it with soil. Seal by hand and pour.

If you are allergic or suspect that your skin is irritated, do not plant the bulb without gloves. In open planting, choose a sunny to semi-shady place. The soil must be well drained. Carnegie bulbs should not be planted in moist soils that retain water. семената домати семена

The distances between the hyacinths should be about 20 cm. Only when planting in pots can you plant them closer. You can even let them touch, but keep them covered with soil to retain moisture. Hyacinthus Orientalis Carnegie white hyacinths need fertilizing during the active season.

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