Quality and comfortable cotton jumpsuit made at a reasonable price

The GardenShop.pro online store offers you a cotton summer work jumpsuit made of 100% cotton in dark blue color. Choosing this overall you choose quality workmanship at an exceptional level. Proof of this is the official standard to which the model meets, namely EN 340.

EN 340 is a recognized standard that every workwear must meet. A product certified in this way is a guarantee of quality, as well as the presence of characteristics mandatory for the respective type of product.

The cotton jumpsuit is suitable for any activities that require protection of the body. For example, for professional gardeners, car mechanics, hygienists, plumbers, electricians, gas station workers, gas station workers and professions in general that require the body to be isolated in some way. It will be useful even for work in the garden of your parents, grandmother or the villa.

София тротоарни плочки The jumpsuit is made of quality 100% cotton 240 g / sq.m in blue color. It has a reflective edging, which would be useful for activities that are carried out in dangerous places, at night or other adverse weather conditions. The cut of the model is comfortable and suitable even for hot summer days, when you have to use such a protective device.

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