Summer work jumpsuit (overalls) 100% cotton green

We offer to your attention men’s jumpsuit summer version, made of 100% high quality cotton in green color.

The shade of green is dark so that spots will not be a serious problem. This practical extra of cotton fabric is very important when it comes to activities that are carried out in bad weather conditions, with intensive pollution (gardening, construction work, installation activities, etc.) or those related to preparations that are difficult to remove from clothes.

The cotton overall has enough pockets to be useful for any activity that needs more tools. This will save you the hassle of carrying annoying and heavy tool cases in most cases.

Their location is as follows, one wide front pocket, two standard trouser pockets that follow the classic location, and two additional pockets on the outside of each leg. работни тротоарни плочки

The model offers the comfort that all cotton overalls give during the work process. When worn, you feel freedom because it has an elastic waist, which makes it finer and more stylish than the wide options, and at the same time gives you freedom of movement. For its production is used 100% cotton with a density of 240 g / sq.m.

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Dark blue summer work overalls

Shop „Garden“ offers universal men’s overalls. The overall is made in Bulgaria and is made of fabric – 200 g / sq.m, resistant to tearing and abrasion.
Overall is suitable for construction workers, car mechanics, gardeners, gardeners, carpenters, locksmiths, electricians, cleaning workers, for work in warehouses, loaders – unloaders, for work in the home and garden, and even appreciated by hunters and fishermen.

This workwear is a jumpsuit with straps, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear and use. It is suitable for work in unnatural poses, for example in professions such as construction, landscaping, car maintenance.

The overall has straps that are adjustable in length, the garment has buttons on the front of the slit and on the side of the waist for easier dressing.

There are two deep front pockets on the legs. Workwear also has a large zippered chest pocket for work documents, tools or valuable materials.

This model of workwear is suitable for the spring-summer season.

Shop „GardenBG com“ also offers:

Production of water printing, screen printing, embroidery.

Production of individual models to order with a unique design.

Big discounts when buying large quantities of workwear.

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Universal red work overalls for summer

Shop „Garden“ offers universal men’s work overalls. This extremely comfortable for any activity workwear is made of thick and durable fabric – cotton and polyester. It can be used by car mechanics, builders, carpenters, furniture makers, gardeners, professional gardeners, craftsmen, cleaners, fishermen, in the field, in the garden, and in other liberal professions.
This model of semi-overalls is Bulgarian production. The fabric is very strong, resistant to abrasion, tearing, or cracking. Fabric weight – 200 g / sq.m.

Overall is extremely comfortable to wear and wear. It is applicable to various types of physical work. The workwear also has two buttons on the side. The jumpsuit has elastic straps, the length of which is easy and convenient to control.

On the legs, the overall has two deep front pockets and a large chest pocket, protected by a zipper. The overalls of this model have a slit in the front, which is fastened with buttons. Цялата публикация „Universal red work overalls for summer“