Growing magnolias in gardens and private yards 7

Magnolia Large-flowered (Magnolia grandifolia) One of the most attractive flowers (shrubs, trees) for gardening are magnolias. They are exotic plants with very beautiful blooms. In some species, flowering is in early spring before leafing (as in the photos made by romdos and swimboy1) and is quite spectacular – others are evergreen (meaning that in winter their leaves do not fall or fall partially, as in the photo taken by Renzo Ferrante).

These features make them extremely preferred for landscaping activities by professional gardeners, as well as by lovers of landscaping and landscape design.

Magnolias are light-loving plants, but at the same time they are shade-tolerant (but like all plants they need light). They develop an extremely strong root system, which means that they are not very suitable for growing in pots or pots.

In order to grow well, magnolias must be outdoors (suitable for growing in private villas and houses), they can not grow indoors, this greatly impairs their decorative effect.

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