Interior landscaping with Soleirolia soleirolii 32

Soleirolia Soleirolii – general speciesSoleirolia Soleirolii is a very popular plant in our country for many years, which is quite attractive with its delicate and fresh green leaves.

It is known in the field of garden landscaping and more precisely in interior landscaping with its Latin name Soleirolia soleirolii (sample photos taken by Stéfan).

It is appreciated by specialists in interior design, and many home flower lovers like and use it.  ограничител за трева солейролия

Soleurolia Soleurolia is a perennial plant, which means that its lifespan exceeds two years. For the climate conditions in our country (temperate latitudes), it is not winter hardy, but it can successfully replace ryegrass grass in your winter garden due to its soil cover qualities. He often grasses with the oil of various types of winter gardens. It is also used for landscaping the yard and garden, but with harvesting during the winter months.

Soleirolia, Soleirolia soleiroliiThis is the reason why soleirolia is used only for interior decoration. It is used as a decorative leaf because its colors are not beautiful and its leaves are quite spectacular.

They are quite small and numerous, about 3-5 mm in diameter. The leaf mass of the whole plant is about 6 to 8 cm high.

One interesting quality of it is that its stems easily take root when in contact with the soil. Due to this quality it is often used as a ground cover plant.

It grows equally well in both warm and cool rooms, but only if the air temperature does not fall below 8 degrees. Requires intense light, but not direct sunlight, because in direct sunlight the leaves turn yellow.

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