Plastic snow shovel – compact and very strong for car, home and office

Gardenbg com offers its customers a quality compact snow shovel with the possibility of delivery to all parts of Bulgaria. It is made of strong, quite hard, and durable plastic. The shovel is light and comfortable to use.
It is compact in size and easily fits in the trunk of your car, truck, bus, bus, car carrier, or other type of car. You can easily hide it in a closet in the office, in the closet, in the basement, or garage.

This way it will not take up much space and will always be at hand when the snow surprises us. The shovel has an extremely convenient handle, with which you can easily and quickly clean the accumulated snow and ice in front of the front door, from the terrace or balcony, the alley in the garden, or the sidewalk in front of the office.

The front of the shovel is wide enough and with one movement you can easily and quickly remove the accumulated snow. The shovel is sharpened at its front end and scrapes the snow precisely without any debris, which can later turn into ice.
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