Sandy yellow Deco – the perfect self-watering pot for your flower garden

We present to your attention a clean smooth self-watering pot made of yellow plastic (ecru). For all who are looking for pots in „earth“ colors, we recommend this elegant round yellow flower pot.

Ordering this pot model online, you will also receive a special irrigation system. The pot is convenient for flower beds, as there is no saucer, which makes it significantly more resistant to the flower garden. Also, this pot is available in several sizes depending on the space needs of your houseplants.

This is essential if you prefer a one-color arrangement of flower pots. In this way, you will be able to arrange your smaller and larger flowers next to each other in the appropriate size yellow pot. кокалови тротоарни плочки

The yellow self-watering flowerpot – Deco is preferred for landscaping interior spaces in shades of green, for example platinum green, pastel green, grass green or rooms in light orange, white and pale yellow in combination.

This shade yellow flowerpot for flower beds is well arranged in rooms where the predominant colors: purple heather, ocher, black and white, blue – purple.
This yellow self-watering pot is not suitable for growing bonsai. In it you can grow exacum (Arabian violet), ficus benjamin, Chlorophytum (Chlorophytum), Begonia – (Begonia serratipetala), Maranta erythroneura, Maranta kerchoveana, Neoregelia Cyanea or sow the seeds of Abutilon – Stable.

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