Red pot for mini roses – Red Gigi ф25 / H47.60

The online store offers its customers a smooth and red pot for mini roses – the Red Gigi! The plastic light pot is suitable for growing mini roses at home, the villa office. This elegantly shaped pot has a special container in which to grow your plants.

The advantage of Gigi is that you can remove the container and use the pot to grow plants that need a deeper container – different types of palms, roses and more.

Apart from its attractive design, it is also very easy to maintain. Amateur florists who live in areas with very calcareous water will surely appreciate this advantage of the red rose pot. Unlike clay and ceramic pots, where the limestone seems to „seep“, the surface of this plastic pot is easier to clean with a suitable brush. гарденски елементи паркинг

After cleaning the visible deposits, rinse with water and just dry. Your pot will be like new!

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Beautiful self-watering pot for Avocado – Red Gina F18 / H14

We present to your attention a self-watering plastic red pot for avocado – Red Gina. This pot version is ideal for grafting a small avocado. You can also use Red Gina to prepare seedlings from the stone of the fruit.

This is extremely easy. After eating your avocado, you need to remove its stone and let it dry for about two days. Then, the seeds are sown in the pot and half of the stone should remain on the surface. It is not necessary to bury and cover with soil additionally.

The avocado begins to grow after about three to four weeks, splitting the stone in two. Spray frequently if the air in the room is drier.
The avocado pot is very light and has a special irrigation system.
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If you prefer clean pots with a smooth surface, then this is a very good offer for you from our online store. As the pot does not have unnecessary ornaments and decorations, it can be used for various arrangements, for example with round pots, but in other colors.

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Smooth red flower pot with square hole – Arte (Red / white) Ф22 / H20 cm (5 liters)

The interesting Red Arte plastic pot can be ordered online in several sizes. Unlike clay and ceramic pots, this pot is at a good price, light, strong, and has a special irrigation system.

This model of the plastic pot is extremely clean, there are no gingerbread and kitschy details and ornaments. Its smooth surface is easy to clean with a damp cloth and is suitable for building a stylish one-color interior space.

Thanks to the fact that the Red Arte is available in several sizes, you can transplant all types of flowers from smaller to larger and form a group arrangement in red.

The irrigation system consists of a tank and a special wick, with the help of which the plants are watered in a capillary way in the optimal amount.
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Red Arte is a smooth pot that is valued mostly for the material from which it is made. Plastic provides easy transportation of the container in the interior, which is important, especially if you have a lot of flowers and often have to rearrange your compositions.

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Fiery pot for potted flowers – Red Gigi ф15 / H28.60

GardenBG com online store already has a fire model of the Red Gigi flowerpot. When ordering online, this pot will arrive with a special container for growing different types of plants, at no extra charge. In this type of pot, you can grow various small plants, as well as those that have a deeper root system (date palm, Washington palm, etc.). For decorative flowers in need of a deep pot, you can remove the container and use the pot with all its height.

The red Gigi is the perfect gift for your family or colleagues and business partners. Another advantage of this fiery red pot is that it is suitable for growing plants under your canopy, terrace or roof garden.

When ordering in bulk from the online store for garden goods „Garden“ you get a discount on the price given on the site. For information about the product or wholesale discounts, ask us to give the email or contact numbers conveniently arranged in the „Contacts“ menu.

Red Gigi is ideal for growing a variety of flowers. Its modern and stylish shape makes it easy to decorate with different color combinations with geranium.

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