Plastic pot for railing – Gray Paradise 60/30 / H30

The unique pot of Gray Paradise can now be purchased from an online landscaping store – Garden. The universal plastic pot is suitable for growing ornamental – leafy and ornamental – flowering plants, and is perfect for planting balcony flowers, ornamental grasses, cacti, and succulents, even for herbs and spices.

The pot impresses with an interesting and practical shape. Gray Paradise is made of plastic, which can be easily kept clean with the help of universal cleaners for plastic products. Thanks to the material from which it is made – plastic, it is extremely light and low cost.

As mentioned above, the pot has a very attractive shape – as if two separate garden flower pots are glued to each other in the area of their openings, and between them with an elegant curve is a free space that serves to hang the pot on fences. or railings on the balcony.

Are you planning to make a colorful oasis on the balcony? Great! Pot Gray Paradise is ideal for balconies with little free space for flowers.

This pot saves space from the window sill because you can hang it completely on its own on the railing of your balcony.

Want to grow different types of flowers, but don’t have enough pots? It is by buying this pot that you can secure more space for planting flowers.

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