Seeds of Cobaea – Cobaea scandens creeping flower with large flowers

This is our proposal for lovers of climbing plants – seeds from the exotic Cobaea. The seeds are of high germination and originate from Poland. Cobaea (Cobaea scandens Rampicante mix) is a very interesting representative of annual climbing and climbing flowers.

Interesting for her are the leaf whiskers, with which she climbs different types of supports – walls, fences, bars, trellis, wooden and metal pergolas, gazebos and more. These mustaches under suitable conditions can reach up to 200 cm in length.

Characteristic of Kobe are its spectacular colors. They are purple in color and resemble bells. During flowering, large greenish bells initially appear, which later turn light purple. This climbing species prefers sunny places and does not tolerate drafts. плочки за тротоар

Therefore, it is good to place it in a bright and sheltered place on the terrace, balcony or conservatory. After flowering in September – October you can collect the seeds and sow your beautiful vine again in spring.

Kobe forms spectacular bell-shaped flowers with a light purple color.
up to 250 cm
Flowering period
From July to October.
Light requirement
Requires sunny places. It grows best on sunny southern exposures.
Prefers medium mechanical soil, necessarily fertile.
Winter hardiness
It is not winter hardy for the climate in Bulgaria.
Kobe is an annual climbing plant.

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