Protective work overall 100% cotton with protection against flammability

Online store „Garden“ offers its customers quality protective work overalls, made of 100% cotton with special characteristics, meeting several European standards in terms of level of protection.

The cotton used for the production of the protective overalls has antistatic characteristics and is processed by a special technology that guarantees prevention against flammability. This is the reason why the density of the material is 360 g / sq.m. Despite the special touch treatment, the overalls look as if the cotton is very fine. тротоарни плочки overalls

We mentioned above about European standards that workwear with this class of protection meets. These are EN 340, EN 1149 and EN 11612. Standards are important when you aim for the product you buy to meet certain mandatory characteristics that you will need when using it. Even your life can depend on it, which is why it is important when you have to use clothes with the appropriate certification.

EN 340 meets the basic requirements that a quality workwear must meet, in this case a jumpsuit.

EN 1149 is a standard for protective clothing from which it is clear that the product has electrostatic characteristics.

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