Red pot for mini roses – Red Gigi ф25 / H47.60

The online store offers its customers a smooth and red pot for mini roses – the Red Gigi! The plastic light pot is suitable for growing mini roses at home, the villa office. This elegantly shaped pot has a special container in which to grow your plants.

The advantage of Gigi is that you can remove the container and use the pot to grow plants that need a deeper container – different types of palms, roses and more.

Apart from its attractive design, it is also very easy to maintain. Amateur florists who live in areas with very calcareous water will surely appreciate this advantage of the red rose pot. Unlike clay and ceramic pots, where the limestone seems to „seep“, the surface of this plastic pot is easier to clean with a suitable brush. гарденски елементи паркинг

After cleaning the visible deposits, rinse with water and just dry. Your pot will be like new!

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