Interesting pot for design of offices and hotels – Duo cream – anthracite

Are you looking for an interesting pot for the design of an office, hotel, restaurant? Great, we from the online store „Garden“ offer to your attention just such a garden dish – Duo cream – anthracite! These model boxes are made of quality plastic and consist of two parts – one is the outer with ornaments and one inner (container type) for growing plants.

The design pot has interesting patterns that make it an interesting detail for any modern interior design.

The interesting box for hotels and offices is perfect for planting arrangements with Washington palm, Date palm, Caribbean palm, Cycas, Coconut palm, Centenarian, and others.

If you need a larger box for transplanting, then Duo cream – anthracite is very suitable for this purpose! Transplant grown Kenzia, Areca, Butia, Zamia, Trachicarpus, Hamedorea Elegance, Sanseviera and others.

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