Growing in the garden of Bidens (Bidens ferulifolia) 72

Bidens ferulifolia This is a very attractive plant, which is among the most suitable for the balcony plants, is known to professionals in the field of landscape design and flower lovers with its Latin name Bidens ferulifolia. Bidens is highly valued for landscaping parks and gardens. It can also be used to build beautiful gardens on the balcony. семена на домати онлайн

I don’t think there is another plant that creates such bright, long-lasting yellow flowers. If you combine it with plants that bloom bright red or blue, you will be surprised how beautiful flower arrangements will be obtained.

The most powerful are the flowers, which are created from professional flower seeds.

Bidens is also preferred because it is quite easy to maintain. But you should know that in hot weather you should pay special attention to it and keep the soil in the pot in which Bidens ferulifolia is kept constantly moist, because it is extremely capricious to drought and can die quickly.

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Rules and tips for growing tulips 6

Tulip (Tulipa) Tulip is a very undemanding garden crop and although it can adapt to any conditions, it grows best in open sunny, but at the same time protected from winds. Often tulip bulbs are used for garden landscaping of yards, flower figures, flower beds in parks and gardens. Late varieties tolerate shading, which contributes to longer flowering.

Before planting, all varietal bulbs are sorted as those that have signs of sick or injured are set aside. The emergence of healthy plants after planting (such as those in the photos taken by Dennis Wong, prosto photos and muffet) requires disinfection of the bulbs before planting and after sorting.

After all the activities of processing the bulbs, they are planted as usual in the fall in flower beds. Pre-cultivation of the soil in the garden.

Sowing is done by opening furrows, placing the bulbs and covering them with the soil from the next furrow. The depth of sowing depends on the mechanical composition of the soil and the size of the bulbs themselves. Smaller ones are sown shallower to have less resistance to germination and the attempt to appear above the earth’s surface, and larger ones that are better able to fight the soil above them are sown to a greater extent. depth.

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