Fresh plastic self-watering pot for Nolina – Green Gina (lime color)

Garden Center „“ pays special attention to all customers who are looking for a pot for the beautiful plant Nolina.

We have added to our extremely rich catalog of flower pots and a self-watering green plastic pot, which is suitable for viewing Nolini and other types of blooming potted flowers.

The clean design without any protruding details facilitates the arrangement of the green pot (lime color) in the interior of any home with similar grassy shades.

An additional convenience is that the Green Gina pot is available in several sizes, which allows you to transplant your favorite Nolinka in a larger size every two years. On the other hand, if you do not like the color green, you can always order the same model, for example in purple or yellow.
свежи плочки тротоарни
The green self-watering pot for Nolina is made of light plastic and that is why it is very often chosen by professional gardeners to decorate hotel rooms. As it is many times lighter than the ceramic and clay pots in the respective size, the maids and cleaning staff can easily move it to clean the guest rooms properly.
Apart from being a flowerpot for hotels, Green Gina is also used by amateur gardeners for interior arrangements of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bright corridors.

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