Seeds of curb low large-flowered Petunia

Petunia is the most characteristic summer flower. During the summer season, it seems to peek with its beautiful flowers resembling funnels from almost every box on the balcony or from the hanging pot in your favorite cafe. The reason the petunia is so popular is due to the incredible decorative effect it creates with its large multicolored flowers.

From the online store „Garden“ you can now order a mix of seeds of low petunia (Petunia hybrida nana – large-flowered border petunia). The most suitable period for sowing the seeds is in the months of February, March, but to take the seedlings outdoors you will have to wait for the cold to pass so as not to damage the young plant. тротоарни плочки доставка

Color – Mix of pink, purple, red and colorful colors.
Height – 30 cm.
Flowering period – It blooms from May to October.
Light requirement – It grows best in sunnier places.
Soil – Fertile soil.
Winter hardiness – It is not winter hardy for the climate in Bulgaria.
Longevity – Petunia is an annual plant.

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