Overalls for a general worker certified according to European quality standards

GardenShop.Pro is pleased to present you an exclusive model of work overalls for a general worker, which is certified according to the European quality standard EN340.

The item is part of a product series. The whole line, in addition to the stylish jumpsuit offered here, also includes a jacket, a full jumpsuit with long sleeves, trousers and a vest – suitable work clothes for any professional in their field or for a person who is regularly engaged in work in his own home and needs set of work clothes for each season.

The semi-overalls for common warriors are available in a suitable dark blue color in combination with bright red in the back of the pockets. Red is used to enhance the volume and highlight them from the main color. This model of overalls for a general worker has five pockets, two on the pants, one on the sides, one on the chest and one on the back. There are several practical compartments, most suitable for phone, smartphone or wallet. In general, they are useful for most professions that require the use of a large number of tools.

One of the chest pockets has a zipper for more important accessories such as keys or a case for documents and business cards.

The straps of the overalls model for general workers are also characterized by a high dose of practicality. They are adjustable following the individual comfort, which makes the jumpsuit very comfortable to use, no matter how long it is used. They are subject to control at any time during the work process. The cut offers a slit in the shop and additional fastening with buttons in the waist area.

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