Quality work overalls with large volume pockets

The GardenShop.Pro online store offers a classic jumpsuit with large volume pockets in an elegant light gray color. The model is part of a line of overalls for work, which is characterized by clean lines, classic look and really comfortable large pockets. This is one of the most popular product series, due to its successful application in a number of activities for which the use of work clothes is mandatory or recommended.

Apart from the manufacturer, the quality of the overalls is also guaranteed by the European certificate EN 340, with which the product is certified. Possession of such a certificate means that the product meets the mandatory minimum characteristics that must be present in any workwear. If a work garment does not have specific certificates related to its use, it cannot be called „work“ and therefore cannot guarantee your safety.

Note that there are certificates for activities that require different levels of protection. In this case, with the overalls with large pockets, work activities can be performed that require a basic level of protection. Тротоарни плочки Смолян

The design of the jumpsuit includes adjustable straps, which can individually determine their length and several deep pockets in which to keep the basic tools you need at different times. There are a total of seven pockets, two classic on the pants, one on each of the two legs, two in the upper part (on the chest) and one small but very comfortable back pocket. The pocket in the upper part has a zipper, and a pocket for smartphone or mobile phones, compartments for pen, pencil, laser, etc. are sewn to it.

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