Work overalls for companies with the possibility of embroidery – 100% cotton

GardenShop.Pro store has added to its ever-growing catalog a great offer for all companies – work overalls with the possibility of embroidery or a special durable print.

The model is a jumpsuit with an open top suitable for the summer season, made of quality fabric with a content of 100% cotton and a density of 260 g / m2. Density is important in terms of the strength of the fabric and in this case it means that the cotton overall for companies is very strong.

In addition, the model is reinforced in the knee area with an additional board in black. Reinforced areas make it suitable for activities, movements in which are often repetitive or more extreme. Thus, the clothing will serve its owner for a long time without the need to change.

The semi-overalls made of cotton for embroidery and prints differ from similar models with a wide board on the back, with which comfort is complete. It is sleeveless and fastens with adjustable straps that are elastic and allow their length to be adjusted to personal comfort. The model has several pockets.

Four of them are in the lower part and the other two on the chest.
The pockets are huge and bulky so that you can take with you any tool you need for a job. On one of them, there is a zipper on the top of the clothes, which makes it suitable even for a smartphone, notebook, personal documents, wallet or other personal item, without which you do not want to part at work.

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