Convenient plastic sprayer for lemon and citrus leaves

The largest professional online garden store GardenBG com (in BG) presents to its numerous customers a fresh purple sprayer for lemon or for different types of citrus trees, shrubs, and flowers. This leaf freshener pump is made of quality plastic material, which is very light and durable.

The lemon sprayer is equipped with a special mechanism with which you can easily adjust the spray jet by rotating it – from a very fine, fog-like spray to a watering jet.
This plastic spray for lemons and various types of tropical plants can be used to moisten the leaves of various types of flowers. With it, you can easily and quickly wash the dusty leaves of your ficus benjamin, ficus lyre, ficus elastic, and more. The leaf freshener pump is highly valued for spraying moss, watering tropical flowers that require higher humidity, palm trees, bonsai, and orchids.

With it, you can easily and quickly spray your plants with plant protection products if you have been attacked by pests. You can spray with the lemon sprayer against aphids, aphids, mites, fungal diseases, whitefly, fusarium, reticulum, etc.
In the pump, you can dissolve different types of fungicides, insecticides, and biocides.

Color: Purple
Width: 9 cm
Height: 22 cm
Capacity: 0.5 liters
Product weight: 0.070 kg
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