In Alaska, wild ducks refuse to fly south 12

Naturally, the explanation for which is global warming and the increase in average annual temperatures, which in turn affects the soil substrate for flowers and plants, ecological news sought for you by The source of the news is the US Geological Survey, under whose „cap“ a number of biological environmental observations are being made.

According to researcher David Ward, the percentage of wild geese (Branta bernicla nigricans) that do not fly south to traditional wintering grounds south of California, on the Mexican peninsula, has increased and in 30 years the number of geese is already a whole. 30% or about 40,000 wild geese, up from 4% thirty years ago. ограничители качествени за трева

The reason for this abnormal behavior is the increase in stocks and habitats of the species of seagrass (Zostera), which is the main and favorite food of wild geese from the Izembek reserve, a protected area that is over 40 kilometers long.

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