Green men’s work jacket with removable sleeves

GardenShop.Pro presents a green work jacket with removable sleeves for long working days, for working at the villa or for free time in the mountains. Made of 100% cotton, characterized by high quality and density of 260 g / m2. The functional jacket for working with removable sleeves will be the right addition to your wardrobe, which you will be able to turn to whenever necessary.

The item has the ability to become a vest, as the sleeves are removable. This makes the jacket a universal seasonal model, suitable for cold, cool and warm weather. Each removable sleeve ends with an elastic cuff, which from a practical point of view additionally protects the body. With the exception of the cuff, the cut of the sleeves is wide enough to be able to wear a thicker blouse underneath.

In addition to the mentioned transformation, we will also mention the bulky pockets, in which everything important for you can always be at your fingertips. The number of pockets is sufficient, which makes their practical side stand out even more. There are four pockets on the front and the fifth is on the sleeve.

The men’s work jacket is fastened in two ways – with a zipper and velcro. Velcro is applied as a fastening in the area of ​​the belt and neck. As for the color, it follows the modern look of the cut. Deep green color, complemented by certain areas in black. You would get a perfect set with work pants in the same color or with black work pants.

The green work jacket with sleeves that can be removed of this type is highly valued by people who perform specific work requiring protective clothing, by general workers, hygienists, by factory workers, people who work with machines, graduated gardeners, car mechanics, movers and even people working at heights. The look of the jacket is modern and attractive, so it is also suitable for personal use, such as for use in leisure time – at the villa, the shoulder, in the village, in the garage.

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Men’s work jacket and vest made of strong 100% cotton

An irreplaceable offer from, an online store for everything related to the garden and work clothes. The current proposal is a combined outerwear 2 in 1 – a working men’s jacket made of cotton, which is transformed into a working spring vest. A very practical offer that would appeal to people for whom comfort goes hand in hand with practicality.

The men’s work jacket and vest is made of 100% high quality cotton. The density of the fabric is 185 g / m2. Cotton is well known for its positive characteristics. This is a natural product that is popular for its breathable qualities and exceptional softness. Apart from the fact that the skin is well ventilated, you will not have a problem with moisture.

Along with the mentioned extras in terms of quality, the cut of the jacket for men also has something to appreciate. At first glance, the stylish design and the successful combination of colors are impressive. The main shade is beige, complemented by black in those areas that are most susceptible to staining and abrasion – the shoulders, elbows and the bottom of the jacket.

A more orange color is used for the back of the pockets, which further emphasizes them. There are four pockets on the front of the work jacket model, but their size is only enough for the most important things. The fastening is done with a zipper.

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