Universal red work overalls for summer

Shop „Garden“ offers universal men’s work overalls. This extremely comfortable for any activity workwear is made of thick and durable fabric – cotton and polyester. It can be used by car mechanics, builders, carpenters, furniture makers, gardeners, professional gardeners, craftsmen, cleaners, fishermen, in the field, in the garden, and in other liberal professions.
This model of semi-overalls is Bulgarian production. The fabric is very strong, resistant to abrasion, tearing, or cracking. Fabric weight – 200 g / sq.m.

Overall is extremely comfortable to wear and wear. It is applicable to various types of physical work. The workwear also has two buttons on the side. The jumpsuit has elastic straps, the length of which is easy and convenient to control.

On the legs, the overall has two deep front pockets and a large chest pocket, protected by a zipper. The overalls of this model have a slit in the front, which is fastened with buttons. Цялата публикация „Universal red work overalls for summer“