An array built of vegetation 69

In general, in the past, begonias were used only for the interior, but nowadays, with the development of flower production and landscape design, they are a great opportunity to create colorful wonders outdoors.

The begonias are originally from South America. The interesting thing about them is that new varieties and crosses are easily created, and currently a huge number of cascading and upright varieties in all kinds of colors have been created, be it kitschy or simple, except for blue and violet.

Planted in wooden baskets, these amazing plants give a unique color and beautiful atmosphere to your yard, garden or balcony. In some regions of the country these plants can be used for flowering garden plants.

Tuberous begonias (Begonia tuberhybrida) There are also species that are suitable for hanging vessels, which also contributes to the many compositions and combinations that you can create if you harness your imagination.

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Ways to prune plants in the garden 59

How to properly prune the plants in our garden? This is an event that is quite important for garden design and yard design, but it is also important to know how to do it optimally well for the plant. Different prunings allow the plants to be arranged with different garden furniture.

Regular pruning is quite important for the optimal development of our plant, to stimulate its branching and further development. In addition to trees and shrubs in green areas, there are other plants that need specialized pruning – these are our beautiful garden flowers. редене на пластмасови паркинг елементи

For example, if you cut the shoot of a plant (this is the branch that has grown this year, summer – grown, grown in summer) above the bud, from this bud will appear two new shoots (two new branches). This type of pruning stimulates the growth of the plant, favors flowering and fruiting. Cutting can be done with different tools. One of them is pruning shears. They can also be used for cutting when laying plastic parking elements.

The question is when to do the pruning, it depends mostly on the plant, its specific growth and habit.

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