Aromatic hyacinth in a pot for seedlings

Spring is the season in which hyacinths delight us with their delicate and bright colors. Extremely captivating with their aroma and showy flowering, these plants are preferred both for growing at home and as a gift. is pleased to present you a hyacinth in a pot at a good price. Hyacinths are snow-white, pink, purple, yellow or blue and have a strong typical aroma. The flower in a pot is suitable as a gift, for growing at home or for transplanting in the garden. Translated from ancient Greek, its Latin name „Hyacinth“ means „Rain Flower“.

There is an ancient Greek legend, which is very interesting and is associated with hyacinths. It tells the story of a young man named Hyacinth, who was a favorite of Apollo (the god of the sun). Apollo taught Hyacinth everything he could do, such as throw a discus. Zephyr (the god of the wind) loved Hyacinth and once out of jealousy returned the disc thrown from Apollo straight to

тротоарни розови плочки Hyacinth and mortally wounded him. Although Apollo tried to revive him, he unfortunately failed. To perpetuate the memory of their friendship, Apollo turned the drops of Hyacinth’s blood into a hyacinth flower. The Spartans celebrated three days of Apollo and Hyacinth and called them hyacinths.

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