Pots for office and hotel – Luigi Rae in black 25/25 / H46,5

In the online store GardenBG com, you can find an extremely stylish plastic pot Black Luigi Rae suitable for an office, hotel, or restaurant. This pot is made of durable, strong plastic and has an interesting stripe on its surface.

The pot narrows slightly and elegantly from top to bottom. Its luxurious black color makes it extremely suitable for any type of interior. It is suitable for offices, shops, production workshops, hotels and hotel complexes, guest houses. It is often preferred by flower lovers in various types of fast-food restaurants, bars, pubs, hotel lobbies, and many more. etc.

Each pot comes complete with a special flower container that can be easily removed and use the entire capacity of the pot (in case you grow plants with a deeper root system, such as most palms).
Flowerpot from model Black Luigi Rae has no drilled holes in the bottom. This way you won’t have to worry about getting the surrounding area wet, even watering the flowers.

The black luxury flowerpot Luigi Rae is highly valued for its elegant black color, which combines successfully and very elegantly with almost all types of colors. The pot is often used for interior landscaping of various types of administrative and business buildings, offices, office premises, clothing stores, malls, shopping malls, various types of stylish restaurants, pizzerias, and more.

The pot can be used at home, at the villa, it is suitable for terraces, balconies, conservatories, roof gardens, and more.

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