Hanging plastic flower pot – Pink Melissa ф 25 / H 15,40

Pink Melissa is a plastic hanging pot for growing different types of flowers. It is made in Greece from light and durable plastic. Interesting in it is the shape that resembles a hemisphere with a slight narrowing to the bottom.

The surface of the pot is smooth, with a slight gloss, and makes it look cute and elegant. At the bottom of the Pink Melissa there are holes for draining excess moisture when watering.

Complete with a hanging plastic pot, you will also receive a hanging hook in the same attractive pink color. The hook is attached to the pot with special clips quite firmly.

Melissa in pink is among the most preferred plastic hanging pots. It is a great substitute for heavy ceramic hanging pots, and is not inferior in functionality and application. In it, you can grow a huge number of ornamental plants.

They are most often used for landscaping of summer terraces, verandas, balconies, conservatories, and they grow hanging species of flowers. They are very effectively combined with a mix of different types of petunia, cascading and border verbena, cascading geranium, gypsy, even border species – tagetes, gatsania, ambanka and others.

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