Green work pants for Sofia and all of Bulgaria

GardenShop Pro is pleased to present you green work pants, which can be ordered online or by phone with delivery in Sofia, Pleven, Ruse and all large and small towns and villages in Bulgaria. Green work pants will be useful for any job that requires specific clothing of this type.

The production of the trousers is at the required level, and the 100% cotton fabric with a density of 260 g / m2 makes it a suitable garment for every season. The natural origin of cotton is best known for the fact that the skin can breathe. This is highly valued in occupations with intense physical activity – gardening, construction, moving services, cleaning and more.

In summer, the body will not be steamed by the cotton fabric and sweat despite the long legs, and in autumn it has the ability to protect the body from low temperatures.

In addition to the positive qualities of the cotton from which this green work pants are made, we will say a few words about the model. The cut is classic, one with which we associate a large part of our quality work overalls, semi-overalls and trousers in general. They are fastened at the waist with a belt, supplemented with an elastic band in the back, which gives additional comfort and security during work.

The legs are straight and free enough to meet various physical challenges during work. The knee area is reinforced for more strength and higher endurance. The additional black board in black is clearly visible in this area.

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