Self-watering pot for Azalea with elegant design – black Gina F17,5 / H15

If you are looking for a black pot for azaleas, we from the online store Garden have just such an option. Especially for you, we present the black Gina. It is a self-watering plastic pot with a round hole that has an irrigation system. The pot is extremely suitable for growing azaleas, but in addition to them, you can plant other potted flowers.

If you do not like the dusty black color (anthracite type), you can buy the same model of the pot with gray or terracotta.

In order to grow successfully and to enjoy your flowering Azalea for a long time, it is important to comply, in addition to the appropriate pot, also with some basic requirements of your colored jewelry. миленчовски тротоарни плочки

Transplant your azaleas into fertile soils to maintain light soil moisture. Place the black pot with the Azalea is not direct sunlight, but provide higher humidity.
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