Grass turf for shade without mowing

Landscaping by laying grass is relevant and developed in Bulgaria. Grass turf is a product that is preferred by all landscape architects and specialists in landscaping and garden design. This is due to the immediate effect and the low cost of obtaining a ready-made grass carpet.

In order to achieve a better effect when landscaping with grass lawns, it is good to apply different types of turf according to the specifics of the place. For this reason, we from the online store „Garden“ offer high quality turf for grassing in the shade and shady places.

This ryegrass roll is at a good price and is produced in Greece from a special variety Dichondra repens. This plant is not exactly a grass mixture but is a type of deciduous plant resembling a clover. Unlike clover, this grass grows and even prefers shady places and partial shade, and visually resembles a floor of ryegrass mixtures.

The main advantage of this type of turf is that it does not mow. You may not mow your lawn at all from Dichondra or mow it 2-3 times a year.

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