Gardening work gloves with nice patterned patterns

The online store offers its customers gardening work gloves with nice colored patterns. They are made of 100% cotton and have additional polymer drops on the inside of the model.

Polymer drops make gloves stronger and also support the effective work of the hand with a garden tool by preventing slipping when working with it. An ideal example of this is working with pruning shears, a process that is carried out with the necessary concentration to prevent possible injury. With gloves that have polymer drops on the inside, you can be completely at ease in this regard.

The color of the gloves for gardeners on the outside is very nice and completely suitable even for professional gardeners. It is patterned with flowers and the polymer drops are green.

The cut is free, with five fingers and a slightly elongated part so that it covers the wrist, in case you need to protect it as well. Work gardening gloves will serve you for a long time, and at the same time working with them will bring you real satisfaction. Ямбол тротоарни плочки

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