Cute self-watering pot for Gardenia – Orange Angie

Online store „Garden“ added another model of self-watering orange pot for Gardenia to its catalog – Orange Angie. The pot is sold with a special self-watering system.

The surface of the flower pot is smooth with a slight gloss.
At the top, the Orange Angie flowerpot has a round opening and narrows slightly towards its round bottom.

Gardenia loves more moist soils and should be sprayed frequently. Here the special irrigation system comes into operation. It will irritate your flowers in a capillary way with the required amount of moisture.
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The orange self-watering pot for Gardenia is an excellent choice of the flower pot, which can be arranged extremely successfully, both at home – also in the office or in your office. Orange Angie is one of the pots that can be used for landscaping kindergartens and restaurants, as it has a cheerful and playful color.

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