Growing in the garden of Bidens (Bidens ferulifolia) 72

Bidens ferulifolia This is a very attractive plant, which is among the most suitable for the balcony plants, is known to professionals in the field of landscape design and flower lovers with its Latin name Bidens ferulifolia. Bidens is highly valued for landscaping parks and gardens. It can also be used to build beautiful gardens on the balcony. семена на домати онлайн

I don’t think there is another plant that creates such bright, long-lasting yellow flowers. If you combine it with plants that bloom bright red or blue, you will be surprised how beautiful flower arrangements will be obtained.

The most powerful are the flowers, which are created from professional flower seeds.

Bidens is also preferred because it is quite easy to maintain. But you should know that in hot weather you should pay special attention to it and keep the soil in the pot in which Bidens ferulifolia is kept constantly moist, because it is extremely capricious to drought and can die quickly.

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How and when to transplant flowers and in what pot? 60

This is an event that is often overlooked in the decoration and landscaping of the yard and garden, because it is considered quite simple and easy, but in fact there are many rules that you need to follow when transplanting a plant to not compromise its growth.

Another mistake that is made is that transplanting is not done, but as in height our plants grow in width.

The root system develops in proportion to the aboveground part, which means that at one point the small pot is not enough to continue the optimal development of our plant. Usually garden flowers and flowers for the balcony need to be transplanted once every two to three years. минерални торове за растеж

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