Fresh plastic self-watering pot for Nolina – Green Gina (lime color)

Garden Center „“ pays special attention to all customers who are looking for a pot for the beautiful plant Nolina.

We have added to our extremely rich catalog of flower pots and a self-watering green plastic pot, which is suitable for viewing Nolini and other types of blooming potted flowers.

The clean design without any protruding details facilitates the arrangement of the green pot (lime color) in the interior of any home with similar grassy shades.

An additional convenience is that the Green Gina pot is available in several sizes, which allows you to transplant your favorite Nolinka in a larger size every two years. On the other hand, if you do not like the color green, you can always order the same model, for example in purple or yellow.
свежи плочки тротоарни
The green self-watering pot for Nolina is made of light plastic and that is why it is very often chosen by professional gardeners to decorate hotel rooms. As it is many times lighter than the ceramic and clay pots in the respective size, the maids and cleaning staff can easily move it to clean the guest rooms properly.
Apart from being a flowerpot for hotels, Green Gina is also used by amateur gardeners for interior arrangements of kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bright corridors.

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Pots for office and hotel – Luigi Rae in black 25/25 / H46,5

In the online store GardenBG com, you can find an extremely stylish plastic pot Black Luigi Rae suitable for an office, hotel, or restaurant. This pot is made of durable, strong plastic and has an interesting stripe on its surface.

The pot narrows slightly and elegantly from top to bottom. Its luxurious black color makes it extremely suitable for any type of interior. It is suitable for offices, shops, production workshops, hotels and hotel complexes, guest houses. It is often preferred by flower lovers in various types of fast-food restaurants, bars, pubs, hotel lobbies, and many more. etc.

Each pot comes complete with a special flower container that can be easily removed and use the entire capacity of the pot (in case you grow plants with a deeper root system, such as most palms).
Flowerpot from model Black Luigi Rae has no drilled holes in the bottom. This way you won’t have to worry about getting the surrounding area wet, even watering the flowers.

The black luxury flowerpot Luigi Rae is highly valued for its elegant black color, which combines successfully and very elegantly with almost all types of colors. The pot is often used for interior landscaping of various types of administrative and business buildings, offices, office premises, clothing stores, malls, shopping malls, various types of stylish restaurants, pizzerias, and more.

The pot can be used at home, at the villa, it is suitable for terraces, balconies, conservatories, roof gardens, and more.

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Interesting pot for design of offices and hotels – Duo cream – anthracite

Are you looking for an interesting pot for the design of an office, hotel, restaurant? Great, we from the online store „Garden“ offer to your attention just such a garden dish – Duo cream – anthracite! These model boxes are made of quality plastic and consist of two parts – one is the outer with ornaments and one inner (container type) for growing plants.

The design pot has interesting patterns that make it an interesting detail for any modern interior design.

The interesting box for hotels and offices is perfect for planting arrangements with Washington palm, Date palm, Caribbean palm, Cycas, Coconut palm, Centenarian, and others.

If you need a larger box for transplanting, then Duo cream – anthracite is very suitable for this purpose! Transplant grown Kenzia, Areca, Butia, Zamia, Trachicarpus, Hamedorea Elegance, Sanseviera and others.

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Pot in color ceramics for homes and offices – Ceramic Lori F25,5 / H24

Lori is a beautiful pot imitating ceramic, which is made of high quality plastic with UV stabilization. This means that the pot is resistant to sunlight. Its colors are preserved for many years when used outdoors, and the plastic can withstand temperatures from +55 to – 45 degrees. In practice, this makes it an ideal pot, imitating ceramics for your yard or balcony, and for what not for the home.

Lori is a pot suitable for growing small and large ornamental species. There is no drainage hole in the bottom of the pot. This is Lori’s main advantage over other pots. By placing a pot in it, you will be sure that there will be no water leakage when watering.

However, if you want to use the pot as a pot, you can buy an additional saucer for it of the same material and color. The bottom of the Ceramic Lori can be drilled with suitable tools.

Kali is a pot suitable for decorating large bookcases, around stands, and various wooden, plastic, metal and chipboard furniture. This garden dish is a great gift for your relatives and friends who love natural materials, but want to use lighter pots.

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