Pot for hanging flowers for the railing – Brown

This is a model of an extremely practical flower pot for a railing, which has a standard shape and a pleasant brown color. The interesting plastic garden pot is ideal for growing various plants. Its advantage is undoubtedly the universal size, which is firmly attached to various types of balcony railings.

In this railing box, you can grow many types of plants that have specific needs for the soil substrate, such as succulents, which require special soil for cacti and mini roses, which should be planted in rose soil. It is highly valued when growing cascading petunias, cascading verbena, cascading geranium, cascading sagebrush, and others.

The advantage of attaching the nozzle to the balcony railing allows you to grow more plants on your terrace.

The brown box for the railing saves you money because you do not need to buy additional stands, supports, and holders for the pot.

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