Snow white crocus bulbs Jeanne d’Arc for autumn planting

For all lovers of the fairy garden, awakened first in the spring, we present the bulbs of white crocus Jeanne d’Arc! Everyone has at least one memory of the snow-melting beautiful crocuses! Bring the spring bloom first and enjoy the delicate snow-white picture that these beautiful flowers will paint!

We often find them not only in lawns, but also in well-arranged curbs, carefully arranged with snowdrop bulbs and early kitschy daffodils. These beautiful flowers originate from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Extremely popular worldwide crocuses are grown from bulbs.

The color range in which we meet them is almost endless – from pure and full of innocence and tenderness white, through the yellow-orange shades of the sun and reach cold blue and deep purple. It is typical for them to meet them freely in the field and in the forest. семена розови домати

Their interesting leaves grow from the base. They are sharp and elongated, as well as relatively hard. White crocuses Crocus vernus Jeanne d’Arc reach a height of 10 cm. The shape of their colored cups is like a bell and each inflorescence has only one flower.
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