Dutch bulbs of autumn yellow crocus – Yellow Mammoth

Garden Shop presents for all connoisseurs of exquisite perennial flowers – bulbs of autumn crocus yellow Yellow Mammoth. This great Dutch variety impresses with its bright yellow colors and incredibly pleasant aroma. Yellow autumn crocuses have narrow leaves, between which a large color with unique decorative qualities appears.

The Dutch yellow autumn crocus is highly valued in arrangements in rock gardens with mosses, limestone and muscari. This great variety is used for landscaping gardens and yards by professional landscape designers and amateur gardeners.

Yellow Mammoth is a yellow variety that is relatively compact. It reaches about 10 cm in height, but the large and fragrant flowers make it very attractive. Choose a light draining soil for your autumn crocus yellow, as it is good for the exposure to be sunnier, although it tolerates partial shading. семена на домати гр

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