Great Diadora work shoes with composite toecap

The online store offers everything to its customers related to the work process. Our new offer are some great Diadora work shoes with a composite toecap, designed for protection and maximum comfort during work.

The work shoes with the composite toecap are intact and correspond to category S3. This is a specific feature of this type of shoe, which includes antistatic, closed type model and energy absorption from the foot to the back, where the heel is. Category S3 also provides information about the bomb, which in this case is composite and meets this standard. It has a width of 11 and protects against impact with a force within 200J.

The S3 standard also means that water cannot penetrate the shoes, they are resistant to wetting. Last but not least, the mentioned category means that the shoe must have a reinforced sole so as to protect the foot from injury and stabbing. In general, all these characteristics that distinguish Diadora work shoes mean that they have a European certificate for standard EN 345 ​​- defining mandatory and additional conditions that must meet a pair of safety shoes intended for professional use.

The Diadora work shoe is made of genuine silk nubuck leather. The insole of the shoes is designed to be resistant to perforation. This type of insert is called BREATHABLE K-Sole. The inside of this model is Air Mesh. It also has a thermoformed insole that is removable and thanks to it the skin can breathe. This is done with the help of activated carbon combined with antibacterial properties. In this way you get first-class care for your feet during work. They will not pair and sweat, which is typical of other types of work shoes worn for a long time.

The sole of the Diadora shoes is very compact, has a long life and has the NET BREATHING SYSTEM. It is made of polyurethane. The comfort of the shoes is at the required level. It gets to the point that many people use them for hiking in the mountains. Tying is done in a standard way with ties.

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