Men’s work trousers with the possibility of company branding

We offer you men’s work trousers in dark blue color, ideal for activities related to specific work requiring appropriate clothing. This requires certain characteristics, without which safety at work can not be achieved.
With the men’s work trousers that we offer you, all this is guaranteed by the

European certificate related to the basic requirements that should characterize a workwear in Bulgaria. In this case, it is a certificate EN 13688 – one of the popular standards that guarantee the quality of such products.
This type of work men’s pants are sewn so as to offer the body maximum comfort during repetitive physical activities.

The additionally reinforced seams guarantee the long-term use of the product, so you can be sure that the places that are most easily worn are, in this case, much stronger than usual. In practice, this means triple outer and buttock seams. Due to this advantage, men’s work pants are highly valued by all craftsmen, carpenters, loggers, construction workers, hygienists, gardeners and people with professions that are associated with dynamic movements.

The design of the model is modern and practical. It has multifunctional pockets that are bulky and can hold the most important tools you need. The trousers also have a separate place for placing a hammer. Men’s trousers also have knee pockets, which can be used for knee pads when necessary. Their material is at the required level, namely the well-known type of CORDURA on DuPont, which guarantees high abrasion and tear resistance. Separately, all other pockets are also further reinforced.

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