Cheap work gloves – knitted with polymer drops

The online store offers you a product that everyone who deals with outdoor work or with specific activities that require protective gloves for the hands needs. In this case, our specific offer to you is for knitted cheap work gloves, which every home needs. They are suitable for use in both winter and summer. They can be used for a number of activities, including delivering the optimal temperature to the hand when cleaning the porch and aisles in winter.

The model of the cheap glove has five fingers so that finer activities can be performed. The fabric is durable enough to serve you for a long time, and when we add the perfect fit to the hand, you will no doubt be satisfied with the purchase. пловдив тротоарни плочки

The quality is guaranteed by the European certificate, which meets the mandatory requirements that every protective workwear must have, namely EN 420.

Cheap work gloves are made of a special seamless knitted jersey that meets the highest standards in this field. In addition, there are polymer drops on the outside of the gloves, on the fingers, on the palm and on the top, which additionally protect the skin of the hand.

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