Professional bulbs of golden yellow tulips Darwin Hybrid Golden Parade

Order online professional bulbs of yellow tulips, which are valued by professionals mostly because of the spectacular and extremely attractive colors they form – variety Golden Parade (Darwin Hybrid). Planting of this Golden Tulip with a delicate yellow color is carried out in September, October, and in some more southern and warm parts can be in November.

The distance between the bulbs should be at least 12 cm if you are going to plant the sunny yellow Dutch tulip outside. This variety is slightly taller, reaches about 60 cm in height and is not very suitable for shallow and small pots. You can plant the bulb of the yellow „Golden Parade“ in larger boxes and pots. The distances between the individual bulbs can be smaller. Planting depth for this Dutch variety Golden Parade is 15 cm.

Yellow tulips will bloom with their golden flowers in March, April and May. Allow them to feel great by planting these professional Dutch bulbs in sunny places. An important condition for the good development of the tulip is well-drained soil, which does not retain moisture for a long time. domati semena

After planting the bulbs in the pre-prepared nests, it is necessary to cover them with soil and compact them well. Pour water. During the autumn and winter, the bulb of the yellow tulip will form roots and in early spring will bloom with all its beauty to make your yard even sunnier and more beautiful.

Golden Parade is an incredibly beautiful variety of yellow tulip, which is suitable for cut flowers. When plucking tulips, it is good to cut the stems almost to the end. The remaining leaves are not removed until they begin to turn yellow. Watch out for your favorite golden yellow tulips for rot, nematodes, as well as for aphids, garden snails and slugs, which are also fans of irresistible tulips.

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