Bulbs of purple-purple crocuses Crocus Vernus Flower Record

Bulbs of purple crocuses Crocus Vernus Flower Record can now be ordered online from the store Gardenshop.pro! The large flowers, which are painted in purple, contrast in a unique way with its orange stamens. Extremely easy to grow, the purple crocus blooms in early spring.

Prefers sandy, nutrient-rich alkaline, more acidic or neutral but draining soils. This variety of crocuses Crocus Vernus Flower Record are extremely popular and attractive and reach a height of 10 cm. These crocuses can be grown in groups in the yard or in pots.

Wake up in early spring and look at the purple crocuses that feed under the precipices. You already know that spring is very close. Blooming in early February, this fabulous purple crocus will delight you with its flowering until the end of March. семена на домати жълти

And did you know that there is an interesting legend about the crocus related to ancient Greek mythology. It is related to the very strong love that a boy

Crocus had for the nymph Smilax, who at one point got bored and turned him into Crocus. The flower symbolizes the passion that does not go out.

Water moderately in the fall if necessary, if there is not enough moisture in the soil. During the formation of leaves and flowers increase the frequency of watering. After the beautiful purple flowers bloom, the irrigation conditions are limited.

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