Double plastic pot for chest type railing – White Paradise 60/30 / H30

White Paradise is a wonderful pot for a railing (railing box) in an elegant white color, made of plastic, and has an extremely practical shape. This double pot has two compartments in which you can easily put your favorite cascading flowers and create an amazing flower waterfall.

The compartments are separated as separate containers for planting flowers, separated by an elliptical curve between them. It is this curve that surrounds the railing of the balcony after you place the railing box Paradise on it.

Yes, only the free distance between the two compartments achieves the attachment of the pot on the railing of the terrace. You do not need wooden or metal structures for pots, which saves you extra money.

Definitely, White Paradise is a multifunctional pot for railing, in which you can plant your favorite flowers, aromatic herbs, and spices. The universal application of the pot is appreciated by all gardeners who are both professional and amateur.

And the possibilities for arranging the pot are unlimited – in the design of office balconies, stair railings, and hotel rooms. With a pot of White Paradise, you can decorate the decorative fence of your restaurant, spa complex, guest house.

The Paradise balcony box is a great choice if you need a pot for a small balcony. It saves a lot of space because it is placed directly on the railing of the terrace.

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