Beautiful self-watering pot for Avocado – Red Gina F18 / H14

We present to your attention a self-watering plastic red pot for avocado – Red Gina. This pot version is ideal for grafting a small avocado. You can also use Red Gina to prepare seedlings from the stone of the fruit.

This is extremely easy. After eating your avocado, you need to remove its stone and let it dry for about two days. Then, the seeds are sown in the pot and half of the stone should remain on the surface. It is not necessary to bury and cover with soil additionally.

The avocado begins to grow after about three to four weeks, splitting the stone in two. Spray frequently if the air in the room is drier.
The avocado pot is very light and has a special irrigation system.
тошковски тротоарни плочки
If you prefer clean pots with a smooth surface, then this is a very good offer for you from our online store. As the pot does not have unnecessary ornaments and decorations, it can be used for various arrangements, for example with round pots, but in other colors.

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