Snowdrop bulbs Galanthus Nivalis – the first flower of spring

Especially for all lovers of the snow harbingers of spring, we present quality Dutch snowdrop bulbs Galanthus nivalis! The unique flower, which has the ability to bloom in the snow, is a must-have for any sunny garden that can’t wait to wake up to new colorful masterpieces!

Because, let’s face it, the garden is the place that brings real happiness to the eye! Especially if there is life in it even in the coldest months of the year. Start „painting“ a rainbow of flowers, starting with the most delicate and first white color and continue to arrange with real pleasure, because you are the „artist“, namely the gardener!

Apart from being very beautiful, the snowdrop Galanthus nivalis is in itself the first bulbous flower that manages to reveal its delicate color above the precipices! What could be better than to come home with a small bouquet of flowers, the freshness of the morning gathered in the perfect white bells!
Its name comes from the Greek words „gala“ (milk) and „antos“ (snow flower color). жълти домати семена

The most suitable place for planting snowdrop bulbs is sunny and semi-shady. Use gloves when planting if you suspect an allergy or have more sensitive skin. The flowers are fragrant, but the smell is not sharp, but characteristic and reaches 10 cm in height.

The planting depth should be 10 – 15 cm, and the distance between the individual bulbs about 10 cm. Prefers draining, but also slightly moist soils. If you tear off the „snowflakes“ (snowdrops are also popular as snowdrops from English) with longer handles, you will be able to enjoy beautiful snowy and delicate white bouquets.

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