Stylish plastic flower pot brown – Luigi square Rae 25/25 / H26 cm

Especially for all lovers of interior plants and elegant pots, the online store “Garden” now offers in its range of plastic brown pot Luigi square Rae. The pot is extremely light, despite its large size.

This model is a type of pot with a special container for growing flowers. The pot can be used with or without the container. When using it, you will not have to worry that it will leak and wet the furniture or parquet.

To ensure better drainage, inside the pot you need to put a drainage layer about 5-10 cm. Use sand, felt, small stones, perlite, expanded clay or crushed bricks.

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Beautiful flower pot – square white Luigi Rae 25/25 / H26 cm

For each of you who has long been looking for an interesting white flower pot, the e-shop “Garden” offers a square Luigi. The attractive pot is highly valued because it has a stylish shape and a slightly elegant stripe.

The pot has no holes for draining excess water, no plate. There is a special container for flowers in which to put a drainage layer.

White Luigi is a luxury pot at a low price, which is widely used in landscaping. The plastic plant pot is valued by professionals but is also preferred by hobby gardeners for home landscaping.

This spectacular luxury flowerpot would look great if arranged in the office or hotel, in the office. At home, you can plant your favorite flowers – in the kitchen, hallway and in any room that has free space and needs an interesting accent.

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Elegant drought-resistant turf (grass rolls) and delivery for all of Maryland

We present to your attention an extremely drought-resistant grass rolls composed of a special hybrid grass mixture (Bermuda grass), resistant to drought and dry terrain. The turf is very dense, with delicate beautiful leaves and a rich dark green color.

This turf is known for its resistance to growing in hot areas (withstands over 40 ° C) and has a low need for water – it requires up to 60% less watering than standard grass turf (about 45 liters / sq m of water per week).

It can be irrigated with biologically treated water (from treatment plants), you can even irrigate it with a mixture of 30% seawater. Another main advantage is that it withstands low mowing (1 – 2 cm in height) and can be mowed every 10 days.

This drought-resistant turf is extremely resistant to most grass diseases. In addition to drought resistance, this turf is resistant to intense stress.

The lawns are manufactured by a reputable manufacturer of grass lawns. In them, you will not find weeds, insects, and other pests. The soil is extremely fertile and free of stones and impurities. A special net is woven into the lawns, which makes them strong and easy to install.

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Delivery and installation grass rolls at a unique price

Online store “GardenBG” offers its customers high-quality turf with delivery to anywhere in Bulgaria and installation (grassing) by professional gardeners at competitive prices.

You get:

Free consultation from a specialist in landscaping and grassing with many years of experience – Landscape Architect.
Preparation of the terrain for grassing with turf – removal of old grass (if any), tillage (digging), leveling the terrain, rolling.
Fertilization – Fertilization with high quality mineral fertilizers in order to 100% capture grass turf and fertilizer action up to 3 months.
Delivery of turf – Free delivery to all small and large settlements in Bulgaria for quantities from 50 to 28 000 sq.m
Grass turf – High quality grass turf with a perfect decorative effect (grass turf)
Installation (laying / grassing) – Laying the turf by specialists with many years of experience.
Consultation and written recommendations for lawn maintenance.

Grass turf grass is suitable for all types of gardens. The advantage of the so-called “ryegrass on a roll” is undoubtedly the immediate effect of a ready-made grass carpet. You have a grass area ready for use in literally one week (the term for rooting the lawns).

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Luxury grass rolls “Varna”

Some online stores may offer to your attention the most frequently bought grass rolls in Bulgaria. This grass has extremely high decorative qualities and a luxurious appearance. The turf has an incredible density, high strength, bright green color all year round, and last but not least – an extremely reasonable price.

We offer delivery for the whole of Bulgaria in quantities from 50 sq.m to 28,000 sq.m – Varna, Dobrich, Sunny Beach, Nessebar, the whole Black Sea coast and others. large and small towns and villages, and when ordering large quantities you get additional discounts!

This is one of the grass turf, which is suitable for use in the coastal regions of Bulgaria, as well as in mountainous conditions. It is suitable for dry and warm places and withstands trampling.

The turf is grass together with roots and soil, cut into pieces and rolled into a roll, which you can easily “lay” in your garden. The turf is highly valued by professional gardeners because of the special net used in its production. This net makes the lawns very strong and easy to apply even by non-professionals.

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Grass turf for shade without mowing

Landscaping by laying grass is relevant and developed in Bulgaria. Grass turf is a product that is preferred by all landscape architects and specialists in landscaping and garden design. This is due to the immediate effect and the low cost of obtaining a ready-made grass carpet.

In order to achieve a better effect when landscaping with grass lawns, it is good to apply different types of turf according to the specifics of the place. For this reason, we from the online store “Garden” offer high quality turf for grassing in the shade and shady places.

This ryegrass roll is at a good price and is produced in Greece from a special variety Dichondra repens. This plant is not exactly a grass mixture but is a type of deciduous plant resembling a clover. Unlike clover, this grass grows and even prefers shady places and partial shade, and visually resembles a floor of ryegrass mixtures.

The main advantage of this type of turf is that it does not mow. You may not mow your lawn at all from Dichondra or mow it 2-3 times a year.

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Cheap flower pot with irrigation system – Green Zara ф 11 / H 10.5 cm 0.6 liters

Are you looking for an elegant pot suitable for growing plants indoors? Great! E-shop “Garden” is pleased to present you a model of a classic pot with a stylish design in green – Green Zara! This exclusive model is equipped with a self-watering system (irrigation system).

Green Zara is a plastic pot that is sold with a special white container in which the plants are planted. The container and the pot form a niche in which the water is drained during watering. This capillary water returns to the pot and keeps the soil moisture in optimal condition.

Before planting the selected plant or the selected flower seeds, you do not have to drill or modify the pot. It’s just ready to use.

In addition to decorating rooms, this flower pot with an irrigation system can also be used to arrange balconies and larger outdoor spaces.

The plastic pot model with the Green Zara irrigation system is ideal for growing potted indoor plants. With its sophisticated design, this pot fits well in any home that has furniture in a color suitable for combination with that of the flower pot.

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Stylish plastic pot for orchid with irrigation system – Purple Zara Ф12,5 / H15

Purple Zara is a great summer pot made of plastic material, which is extremely light, neat, and last but not least – at a low price. It is one of the most popular pots for balconies in which you can grow beautiful orchids.

It is appreciated by professional landscapers of exterior areas. The pot can be used not only for outdoor landscaping and yard decoration, it is also suitable for arranging the interior. Purple Zara has a slightly conical shape, the surface of the plastic pot is smooth, without embossed patterns and when ordering the pot online, we will deliver it to you with a special irrigation system.

The plastic pot for orchids with irrigation system Purple Zara is a wonderful choice of container for growing flowers in your office. Apart from the workplace, it is also ideal for decorating gardens, hotels, and hotel rooms.

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Pots for railing wholesale and retail – Gray Paradise ф30 / H30 cm

Flowerpot Gray Paradise is an amazing offer that you can buy from our online store for the garden. The pot is perfect for your balcony, made of durable plastic that can withstand high temperatures and very low. It is designed to be placed on the railing of the balcony.

Thanks to the recess, which has from the bottom to the upper opening, a slit is formed, which serves for the independent fastening of the pot on the balcony railing. Also, the so-called slit divides the pot into two compartments.

For wholesalers of pots and customers who wish to purchase larger quantities from Sivat Paradise, they can contact us at the indicated telephone numbers and e-mail address, where depending on the desired quantities they can receive the respective discount from the price of the pot.

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Double plastic pot for chest type railing – White Paradise 60/30 / H30

White Paradise is a wonderful pot for a railing (railing box) in an elegant white color, made of plastic, and has an extremely practical shape. This double pot has two compartments in which you can easily put your favorite cascading flowers and create an amazing flower waterfall.

The compartments are separated as separate containers for planting flowers, separated by an elliptical curve between them. It is this curve that surrounds the railing of the balcony after you place the railing box Paradise on it.

Yes, only the free distance between the two compartments achieves the attachment of the pot on the railing of the terrace. You do not need wooden or metal structures for pots, which saves you extra money.

Definitely, White Paradise is a multifunctional pot for railing, in which you can plant your favorite flowers, aromatic herbs, and spices. The universal application of the pot is appreciated by all gardeners who are both professional and amateur.

And the possibilities for arranging the pot are unlimited – in the design of office balconies, stair railings, and hotel rooms. With a pot of White Paradise, you can decorate the decorative fence of your restaurant, spa complex, guest house.

The Paradise balcony box is a great choice if you need a pot for a small balcony. It saves a lot of space because it is placed directly on the railing of the terrace.

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