Types of nutrition in ornamental plants 21

Nutrition in deciduous and flowering plants is one of the most important events to which professionals dealing with landscaping and landscape architecture pay attention. No matter what climate zone you are in, whether you grow ornamental or agricultural vegetation, you will have to nourish your plants even if you grow them in high quality flower soil.

It is extremely important for the optimal development of ornamental vegetation in your garden, and not only ornamental plants, but also agricultural ones. This is done because basic and pre-sowing fertilization (which are also one of the mandatory and extremely important activities for vegetation) cannot provide the necessary nutrients for the plants, also especially if the soil is sandy (this means that it is permeable and does not retain moisture, the water you water quickly drains away, and with it the nutrients you have imported, which in turn makes the soil poor and unfavorable for your plants). landscape grass limiter качествен ландшафтен ограничител за трева

Feeding is done through two very popular ways, namely liquid and dry plant nutrition. The liquid is made with both mineral fertilizers (pictured by Don Nunn) and organic fertilizers (pictured by DRB62). Both types of fertilizers are introduced into the soil substrate in the form of solutions, which according to the needs of the plant and the area for which they are distributed are prepared with the appropriate consistency. This type of tote is very often used and valued for grassing gardens and yards.

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Dry feeding of ornamental plants 20

When maintaining gardens and green areas edged with grass stops, it is important to meet the needs of all ornamental plants. In order for your garden flowers and ornamental trees and shrubs to be as beautiful and healthy as possible, in order for them to develop optimally well, it is necessary to provide them with the much-needed nutrients. пластмасови ограничители за трева

This provision of nutrients is done by performing basic fertilization and so-called feeding, which complements the main fertilization (because the nutrients you have imported with it were not enough for your plant, or for one reason or another were exported from soil substrate, if the soil was sandy for example, when watering the nutrients are quickly washed away and the soil becomes depleted).

Feeding itself is done through two popular ways dry and “wet” or is also called liquid feeding (liquid feeding is in the form of special solutions).

Both organic and mineral fertilizers are used for dry feeding, as well as for liquid feeding. Organic fertilizers or natural fertilizers are mainly used to nourish perennial flowers (these are flowers that have a lifespan of more than two years), it is especially important to nourish them after rejuvenation (this means that they are performed a number of activities, such as pruning, cutting dried twigs, dividing the tuft, if they are tufted, which unloads the plant from much of its biomass, thus rejuvenating the plants and prolonging their life, as well as improves their decorative effect).

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What is dry masonry and how to make it interesting? 19

Dry masonry means to build a wall without the use of a binder (cement, lime, etc.) (a good example of this is made of slm, tiarescott and ng yrizarry), which is one of its biggest advantages, because if you have in Near you river or stone quarry, the only thing that will cost you is to bring a few cubes of stones. Decorative retaining walls of drywall are preferred for landscaping, as the distance in the joints is used to fill with seeds of flowers herbs and even spices

Such walls can be seen everywhere in agricultural areas, and areas that are close to rivers and quarries. They are usually made of slab stones of different sizes, but they should not be too small because they become unstable.

Very often this type of walls are used in landscaping gardens, because professionals – gardeners in this area, from a boring stone wall, demonstrate the effective construction of a rock garden or rock flower corner, especially if you use a restrictive garden strip.

What is their secret? Dry masonry пластмасова ограничителна лента градинска

They simply pour good fertile soil for landscaping in the joints between the stones, also in places leaving larger joints (also filled with fertile soil, as in the photo with the child made by Yogi).

And in these places they plant special plants, called “rock gardens“, which are also used in the construction of rock gardens.

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Ways to water ornamental plants 17

Watering in the garden is one of the most important gardening services for the proper maintenance of your garden, especially if you use a decorative grass limiter, and this is important for all types of flowers and not only flowers, but also all types of plants in your green areas.

The flowers should be watered regularly, especially if the soil is permeable (this means that their water regime is disturbed, ie they do not retain the absorbed moisture, and it swells, and thus becomes indigestible to vegetation). градински ограничител за райграс трева

When planting seeds for seedlings of summer flowers, you must water abundantly and daily (as in the picture with the watering can made by indichick7), and after strengthening the plants you can limit watering to once or twice a week (other watering options are many , but the most trivial is with the help of a hose, the photo was taken by Beth-Harper).

Feather flowers (these are perennial flowers that have a lifespan of more than two years) should be watered more often in the first year after planting. Only if you grow a xerophyte (a plant that can withstand prolonged drought) do not need regular watering.

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Beautiful retaining wall! What do we need to know? 16

There is an accessory that is almost always present when you do landscaping of a villa – a retaining wall. To be attractive a retaining wall in the yard or garden, it must be built of quality and effective materials (as in the photos taken by Mason2008, AlexWitherspoon and Hitchster).

Nowadays, there are many and varied ways to achieve this goal. Starting from bricks, aerated concrete blocks ytong, concrete, reinforced concrete, stones (natural and artificial) and even wood. пластмасов качествен ограничител за трева и райграс

Some professionals in the field of landscape design and landscaping even make combinations of these materials, which are quite successful. But undoubtedly the most beautiful and environmentally friendly remains the retaining wall, built of natural stone, this is already a wonderful finish spruce decoration of the yard and garden.

Retaining wallThe main rules we must follow when building retaining walls are: small stones should not be used, the stones should be uniform (to be of the same type), it is best to order the stones from the nearby quarry or from specialized shops, if possible choose the stones yourself, be on site when the stones are delivered to you, put the biggest stones at the bottom (as a base), because this way the wall becomes much more stable.

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Nutrition of ornamental plants 15

Nutrition is extremely important when starting garden and yard landscaping, especially for the normal development of your garden flower seeds, ornamental trees and shrubs, your indoor plants and crops. Regardless of the geographical location, whether you are in Bulgaria or the United States, there are no plants that do not need nutrients in one amount or another. To do this, you need to maintain the humus content of the soil in the garden at a good level.

Feeding is necessary and is carried out throughout the growing season (period of active vegetation development usually from early spring to late autumn, different types of plants are different, examples of spring fertilization in the photos taken by mariecarianna, noii’s and … jc …, the very period of active vegetation is characterized by the formation of new twigs and leaves, active growth of roots and aboveground part in general), because the main and pre-sowing fertilization can not fully meet the needs of plants for nutrients to develop optimally. It is especially important when growing garden flower seeds. градински ограничител за трева

In the case of ornamental vegetation, which is used in the field of landscaping and landscaping, the selected forms and species that require fertile soils need regular nourishment (these are genetically derived plants that have different requirements from the original, normal species and are usually much more demanding). Feeding is also done in cases when the soil is not fertile enough or is permeable, which means that when watering the nutrients are easily removed from the soil (usually these are more sandy soils).

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Weeding of flowers in the maintenance of green areas and home gardens 14

When maintaining green areas, one of the important measures that is highly valued is to remove weeds. Weeding in gardens is one of the most common gardening services, which is important not only to achieve maximum decorative effect, but also to protect plants from harmful weeds that stop or hinder their development (as in the photos taken by Editor B and niiicedave).

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of different types of weeds in size, shape, color, brand and price, devices that contribute to easier and faster removal of unwanted weeds. ограничител за трева пластмасов

It is recommended to start weeding as early as possible in the spring and to do it systematically throughout the season. It can be performed at any time of the day. plastic stopper for grass

Weeds in the garden Weeding is good to do together with loosening the soil, because it is more appropriate.

Undoubtedly, the best time for weeding is after rain or after abundant watering, because then the soil is moist and weeds are easily removed by roots, and after they are uprooted, they do not appear for much longer.

It is very important to remove weeds by roots or, if it is not possible, to cut them to the maximum depth in order to limit their development or spread as much as possible.

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